Program Chair Invitation

Distinguished colleagues,
It is a pleasure to invite you to Belgrade, Serbia for the 2nd International Danube Cup Conference on Entrepreneurship Education (IDC2 E2 2023). The conference will take place on the premises of the Faculty of Organisational Sciences, University of Belgrade, a leading Serbian faculty in management and information systems and technologies.

The Danube Cup is an international network of universities along the course of the river Danube with an aim to enhance entrepreneurship education and support student start-ups in the region. The Previous conference, held at Corvinus University, Budapest had more than 120 guests online or offline from 9 countries and 21 universities/research institutes, plus many accelerators and companies which also joined the event. This year’s conference is to take place on 24th-25th November 2023.

Please send a short summary of 100-200 words (in the case of a non-academic presentation) OR an abstract of 500 words to be sent to:  by September 30th, 2023. We kindly ask that you indicate which section you would like to participate in. The conference is set to highlight trends in entrepreneurship/start-up education, to share experiences and knowledge and point out applied measures which can be implemented at other HE institutions.

On this basis, we aim to support the dissemination of best practices and quality research and provide a memorable experience through our hospitality and conference facilities in Belgrade, Serbia. The conference committee welcomes academic and practitioner community contributions on a wide range of topics using a range of scholarly approaches that showcase the latest innovations and achievements that outline reasons, content, methods and the impact of active entrepreneurship/start-up education. Submitted contributions showcasing empirical research, methodological advances and real case studies will be especially welcome. All contributions will be peer-reviewed, and the acceptance of contributions will be based on originality, their relevance to the conference theme and their overall levels of quality.

Mladen Čudanov, PhD
Scientific Committee Chair

Important Deadlines:

Please, feel free to share this invitation with the colleagues in your academic circles of trust.