University of Belgrade – Faculty of Organizational Sciences  

University of Belgrade (UB) is the premier research and higher education institution in the Republic of Serbia. Along with teaching activities, with more than 150 programs at undergraduate level and a large number of highly specialized graduate-level programs, the University is a leader in scientific research in Serbia and the region.

Today, FON is the leading faculty in the region covering the academic fields of management and organization, and information systems and technologies with more than 16,000 graduates, 6,500 students with master’s degree, a great number of specialists amounting to around 1,300 MPhil, and more than 450 PhD degree holders.  


UB FON Booklet   

The Faculty has successfully received international accreditation for undergraduate academic studies for all study programs. Accreditation was carried out by the German agency for study programs in the field of technical sciences, informatics, natural sciences and mathematics – ASIIN (Akkreditierungsagentur für Studiengänge der Ingenieurwissenschaften, der Informatik, der Naturwissenschaften und der Mathematik e.V, Deutschland – Accreditation Agency for Degree Programs in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics e.V, Germany, This accreditation is a confirmation of international quality of study programs, which has increased the visibility and value of FON abroad, and has opened greater possibility of student and graduates’ mobility. 

From its very founding, The Faculty of Organizational Sciences has been designed as a school engaged in engineering approach to management, modeled according to Sloan School of Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States. All study programs that have so far been implemented at FON have a strong quantitative and IT background combined with organizational and study program-specific knowledge. The professional title of Engineer of Organizational Sciences belongs to the field of technical and technological sciences. 

FON successfully organizes several national and international scientific and professional conferences, well-received in the scientific community boasting a significant number of participants: 

The strategic aim of the Faculty is to establish and develop cooperation, both with national higher education institutions, and international organizations and foundations. FON was one of the first faculties at the University of Belgrade to recognize the need to inform teachers, students and staff on the possibilities of international relations.  

International cooperation is one of the key elements of the development strategy. FON participates in various exchange programs, such as Erasmus+, Cepus, DAAD, EUROWEB, for the mobility of students, teaching, and administrative staff. 

The Faculty of Organizational Sciences values the importance of connecting academy and practice and was the first one at the University to introduce students internship program. Faculty  continues to intensify relations with leading domestic and foreign companies, adapts programs to the needs of the market, thus providing its students with the opportunity to improve their knowledge and awareness of business systems. 

In response to rapid changes, the green agenda and digital transformation, the University of Belgrade improves and digitizes its activities, while FON follows and adapts to these trends through innovation in digital infrastructure, creativity in the educational program and hybridity in the field of educational process. 

In 2016, Faculty of Organizational Sciences established the Research and Development Hub, a place of gathering and extracurricular engagement of students and mentors in an unique, stimulating atmosphere of joint work, knowledge exchange, development of entrepreneurial initiatives and strengthening of the startup community at the Faculty.  

A great number of FON students actively participate in student organizations and various extracurricular activities. We are particularly proud of the numerous medals our students have won in different national and international competitions both in academic fields and sports.